FLProof – Flight log validator


FLProof is an easy to use tool which scans your flight log history in your Trax database for gaps, duplicates and provides you with according reports. No programing or deep database knowledge is required as FLProof comes with all it needs.

Use cases:

A gap in your database means that your flight log history is not consistent. This affects safety in your flight operation as parts on your aircraft may get “over flown” and maintenance cycles are executed too late.

A Duplicate means the counter part of having gaps in your flight log history. Your aircraft may comes into a maintenance cycle early and produces unnecessary costs. 

  • Scan your Trax database for gaps and duplicates
  • Export results to Excel
  • Calculate mismatch times
  • Improve your data quality
  • Assure business continuity
  • Save costs

System requirements:

Win 7 or above, .NET framework 4.6, 4GB RAM, 10MB free disk space